How to add an email subscription box to your WordPress site

Technically, an email subscription box can be set up with a super basic form that saves relevant information (like name, email address) to a database of some sort. But then you would just have an

Do not register domain names at web hosting companies

Back when I first started on the web, domain registrars had pretty pathetic web hosting offerings. And it was a bad idea to register domains at web hosting companies. It was akin to eating gas

How to find out what theme a WordPress site is using

Someone asked the following question on the GenesisWP Facebook group. Is it possible to find out the theme name and company selling it when you come across a WordPress website you like? Can you inspect

Qualities of a good domain name

When evaluating the quality of a domain name, it’s important to note that there are no hard and fast rules here. Certain audiences may be more receptive to certain types of domains than others. For

How to acquire a domain name

So you think you’ve found your dream domain name, but it’s owned by someone else. That’s okay, not all hope is lost. But before jumping into the rabbit hole of domain acquisition, consider these two